Quinn turns 6 months

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Every milestone with a baby is something to celebrate, but put that milestone in the hands of a Party Society mama and you make it one to remember. My first 6 months as a new mom flew by and while the first few months were exhausting, stressful, and a huge learning curve (yes, everyone tells you it's hard but you REALLY don't know what they're talking about until you're in it), they were also sweet and wonderful and have made me appreciate the present stage we are in. Those newborn snuggles and teeny tiny clothes will be dearly missed, but I'm so enjoying watching my happy girl develop her personality, learn more about the world around her every day, and teach us how to love more than we've ever loved.

So, to commemorate Quinn's first half-year of life, and our survival of the first six months of parenthood, we couldn't help but celebrate with a little cake photoshoot (and obviously this A.Elizabeth Cake is FAR too pretty to smash). Mamas - how would you describe your first 6 months as a new mom?

HEADBAND: Arrow & Lace
DRESS: Joe Fresh

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