Pink Ombre Dessert Table

Saturday, July 09, 2016

When you have something as stunning as a pink ombre flowerwall at your disposal, you are creatively obligated to do something pretty with it (or so we told ourselves). Kristin and her sister Jennifer (not to be confused with me, another Jennifer, another partner of Kristin's) have a flower wall rental company and two of the most beautiful backdrops I've ever seen. We really wanted to do something with their latest creation - the pink ombre Flowerwall. And, who doesn't love dessert? We teamed up with some of our favourite local (Fraser Valley) bakers for a little FlowerwallxThePartySociety collab and all we can say is - we can't wait to use this set up for our next real soiree - and, we are currently recovering from sugar overload.

Rosette and Coconut Cakes: Happy Cakes
Ruffled Cakes: Shannon's Sugar High

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