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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It took us far far too long to collaborate on something creative and fun, but here we are, two friends and ex-wedding planners joining forces to share our crazy lives and parties. Here you will find posts from both of us (me, I'm Jen! and Kristin) featuring our favourite ideas for hostessing, party styling and more.

Kristin and I share pretty much the same brain which is a rarity if you happen to know us in real life. We tend to take things a little over the top when it comes to parties/crafts/anything creative, so we are clearly a very good pair. Kristin and I met back in 2009 when she enlisted my help in coordinating her wedding day. Kristin also happened to be a wedding planner at the time, so needless to say it was one pretty fantastic NYE wedding!

In addition to wedding planning, Kristin used to decorate hotels/malls and the like for Christmas, so whenever you see a giant Christmas tree in a hotel lobby, you can think of her. She and her sister (another Jennifer) have also put about 7000 hours into creating the most amazing flower wall backdrops that they rent out for weddings and events in the Vancouver, B.C. area. It is very likely we will be doing an event featuring Flower Wall Vancouver at some point! When she's not crafting, dreaming up parties or hiding Michael's receipts from her husband Tyler, Kristin is being an amazing mommy to two of the sweetest kiddos, Sammy (almost 4!) and Bianca (1.5 years old). Her attention to detail is just as advanced as her attention to family, and often has me wondering how she pulls it all off all while sporting amazing hair and perfect bangs.

After wedding planning, I started working in real estate (new condo development) and moved across the country, to literally the centre of the continent (Winnipeg, Man.), for nearly three years with my husband's career. We built our dream home, had a baby girl Quinn (7 months), and now are back settled into our new/old neighbourhood of South Surrey/White Rock in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I used to blog about home decor and organization at The Social Home, and still dabble in home/pantry labels at The Paper Society.

We have lots of exciting things coming up, so make sure you're following us on Instagram/Facebook/everywhere :)

Jen's Kimono: Muse Social Fashion House
Photo: Taya Photography

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